T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, March 20, 2014


As a baby shower gift, my friend from work, CS, gave me a make over and took photos of me, as well, as the family. I love my new style. I've had long curly hair for most of my life. I think my hair is shorter than it's ever been, except for one other time in my life about 14 years ago. I don't mind and think it looks wonderful. CS is quite talented in the styling department. (She's also a pretty darn awesome medical assistant.)

Another co-worker, a LPN at our office, did the photo editing. She is a wonderful nurse and did a great job editing the photos. The kids especially love their photos. There are many that we love so I'll try to pick my personal favorites.

So, why the yellow umbrella? Hubby's request. He and I enjoy watching "How I Met Your Mother". He has plenty of his own tales of finding the right girl. Some of his tales could rival the main character Ted's tales. He says I am his yellow umbrella girl. The umbrella was his Christmas gift to me this past year. I loved it. I thought the Double Take ladies did a great job capturing that. I really wanted a photo of the kids and me under the umbrella and one turned out okay. Baby was not looking at camera otherwise it would have been perfect. It was tough as we really needed the umbrella that day and it was cold for all of us.

Oh, and we've never had professional or even semi-professional photos taken as a family. It was cool experience. I am also including some photos we took of CS taking our photos. All were taken at our home or in the back yard. Yes, that view is what we see every day. Our wonderful photographer really captured our lives, especially the spirits of our children.

Warning...LOTS of photos.


Tat said...

You've got the cutest super-heroes ever!

Sarah McKelvy said...

What a wonderful gift!! As always, I love the costumes your son and daughter are wearing.

Ashley Bowler said...

Your new look is amazing!! You look very beautiful.

Julie Kieras said...

Sometimes, I comment on your photos on FB and then think I commented on your blog post - this is one of those times! The photos turned out to be AMAZING.
You are lovely as always but such a different look with the straight hair - people say that to me too, but it's funny to say that to someone else! :)
Your family - just the sweetest! :)