T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sounds around the house...

I've mentioned previously how busy our household is and how the kids run in a pack now that they out number us parents. Well, I wish I could snap shot in time some of the funny conversations that take place.

Recently, Lil Sister (the 4 year old) was making pretend pizzas. Now these pizzas were entirely imaginary. She worked on pizzas for all of us and proudly presented her finished projects for all of us - imaginary, pretend pizzas with various toppings.

At my request she made her "pretend pizza" (aka air) for her brother and I suggested olives for him. When she told him what was on his imaginary pizza he refused to eat it saying he did not like olives. We all kept saying it is just pretend, imaginary, pizza but he still refused saying he did not like pizza with olives and to take them off. She went back and took off all the imaginary olives and presented him with a fresh pizza.

I just have to crack up at how involved they are in their imaginations at this stage. T absolultely refused despite it being an imaginary pizza where he would just bite into air.

Love these goofy kids!

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Julie Kieras said...

I LOVE when kids pretend like this. I can't WAIT till E is talking more b/c I know the conversations between A & E are going to be gut-busters!