T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, April 28, 2014

Recent Craft Projects...

Just a few of the projects I've completed in the past couple months...

1. Pink baby afghan with matching bunny lovey. For my boss' new and first granddaughter. As with many of my completed projects that I gift, I will hear and little squeal of delight upon seeing the item. This was no different except I was not expecting it from the big boss man. He's a pretty tender hearted soul so I should not have been surprised and I think he did not realize he outwardly exclaimed about the bunny.

2. Matching "peep" bunnies for a couple of little girls. Some friends came to visit from Iowa. I crafted their girls some blankets 2 years ago. They came to town without the girls so I had to send something back for them. The flower was just a way to bind them together. They are meant to come apart and be separate.

3. Bucket of balls. I thought this was cleaver to gift our grand nephew on his 1st birthday. He comes from a long line of golfers. This was all my own idea. This did not come with a pattern or any Pinterest inspiration.

4. "Misha" doll for a special friend who broke her arm and had to have surgery. I made the doll in her image and named it after her. I even added a removable bandage for when she gets the cast off. She seemed excited.

5. Minnie Mouse headbands. Our friends from the zoo photos are headed to a special place where they will get to see Minnie in person. Their mom found these headbands on Etsy and I used it to make my own pattern and craft a set for her girls. My daughter was my model. She hopes we can go to the land of Minnie some day and she can have one of these, too.

6. In the mean time, to appease her wishes, I have distracted her with a "Frozen" dress and am in the process of finishing up her Wonder Woman doll (it is still without hair and a face but she already loves it so much she is sleeping with it).

7. Apple cozy. My colleague that I share my office with literally eats an apple a day. Every time I see her at the office which is rare because we work opposite days, she has an apple with her. I made her a "cozy" so her apple could be carried and not get bruised. T loved it so much he requested one to wrap his egg for an "egg drop" project he had at school. I made the handle detachable so she can attach it around her purse should she want.


Julie Kieras said...

I don't know how you do it! All these projects are so unique and fun! I LOVE the minnie headband! I would've wanted one as a child!

Missus Wookie said...

We watched Frozen this week - was fun. Visiting the land of Minnie is a lovely thing to do, that hairband is cute too.