T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, November 9, 2014

BB's Owl Themed First Birthday Party...

How could I not go over board on our baby's first birthday since it would be my last first birthday party I would host for one of my kids?!?

Last year, for my baby sprinkle (aka small baby shower), my sister asked me to make some crochet items that would be used as prizes. Some of the items I pulled together were crochet owls. Since then, the theme seems to be a recurring one for her. Then a friend introduced me to Pintrest (bad, bad friend!) and it was all over after that.

It was a wonderful party. Most of the important folks in BB's life were in attendance. It was so nice everyone could meet her part time family - Ms. B and her kids. They made her the cutest family of owls as her gift. So charming. Neighbors D and M who rushed over at a moments' notice the night of BB's birth wrote her a special poem. Very moving. Most of her aunties, an couple of her uncles, special friends/teachers, grandparents, and neighbors were in attendence. She was a happy girl most of the time cruising among her guests and impressing everyone with her new walking skills.

Here are some of the details in photo form. More of her enjoying the party will be posted on her personal blog. 

- I made her dress (owl dress - combo party dress/Halloween costume). The colors of her dress designated the color scheme of the party.
- Invitations - wings closed and opened to reveal details of party. Interestingly, my "helpers" did not always assemble them so a couple folks ended up with blank invitations. I think they got a little excited about sealing the envelops first. I think it was just wonderful they wanted to help.
- Deviled eggs are a family favorite - owl shaped, of course. 
- No party of mine is complete without punch.
- T colored the owls during free time at school He made about 8-9 total. I was proud of him for doing this which means he finished his assignments at least 8-9 times that week and he thought of his sister and wanted to help with the party. 
- My sister painted the owl family with the crocheted owl (recall those I made for the shower) in the shadow box. My mother-in-law did the pillow. Owls by Ms. B, and the N family brought cute owl outfit. Good Neighbors D and M's poem.
- For favors I crocheted some owls (they are on the tree as well as featured with a sample of BB's dress fabric), made some owls out of baby food jars (I thought this cleaver for a 1 year old birthday), and I also sewed up some "Boo Whoooo's" so called because they are rice filled and can be used for cold or warm compresses. Since the party I have received several messages from parents of kids who "adopted" and owl and it's the new favorite luvie. 
- I turned balloons into owls
- The cupcakes were a last minute design when I just could not decide what to do for dessert (P.S. BB did not like frosting - she may end up being like her brother, less of a sweet tooth, but we shall see!)

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