T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween 2014

We started out with a friendly witch and James Bond and ended up with James Bond, Mulan, and Owl Baby. I participated a bit wearing my angel costume. I had to work on Halloween but wanted to ensure my costume was something my pediatric patients would not be frightened by. This worked perfectly with one of my white work blouses. By the end of the day, though, I was not feeling too angelic, especially after attempting photos with my kids.

T LOVES James Bond and anything spy related. I will post a photo of the "Spy-crow" he made for school on his blog but it was awesome. So, it HAD to be his costume this year. It was a simple one - used his Sunday clothes, added a costume bow tie, and I purchased a $12 used tuxedo coat off ebay.

Sister's witch costume was a menagie of clothes she had acquired - her Auntie J made her a broom so she wanted to be a witch. Then, at the last moment, her dad had a friend pass along some costumes one of which was a beautiful Mulan. After spending the day at school in her Mulan outfit, she would not take it off so Mulan with a flying broom she was!

Baby's owl costume is her birthday dress with a hat I made to match. She would wear her dress 2 days later at her party and it was perfect. Of course, I would be up until midnight the night before crafting her hat - me and my last minute crafting. You can see how thrilled she was by the hat.

Thanks to my friend for stopping over with the rest of the Brady Bunch on Halloween so we could see their wonderful costumes (recall that Elsa dress from a few postings ago?!?) and for the photos - hers were far better than mine.

I also included a photo of our house outside on Halloween - Hubby and the big kids did a great job on the decorations. 

So here you have them - enjoy!

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