T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Brady Bunch...

Iron Woman's kids come over a couple morning per week and share breakfast with us. We call these the "Brady Bunch" mornings reminiscent of the ironic show. We enjoy these mornings and my kids very much look forward to them. Here are a couple photos - the first from our first morning together and the last from a recent morning. Now BB is old enough to join us at the table during breakfast. What's interesting in these two photos, too, is the different lighting. As the days are getting shorter, you can tell it is darker in the morning.

Whomever helps me set the table gets to designate where everyone sits. Of recent, one of the four year old girls is eager to help. Such power to determine the fate of where everyone sits, what kind of place-mat they get, and what design of cloth napkin!

Apparently, Hubby is semi-famous for his perfect toast. 

The breakfast table conversation is also quite entertaining - oh what is important to 4-9 year old kids. I have taught them all my morning growl as well. That always generates a smile.

It can be hectic getting everyone going and then off to school but thus far, we haven't been tardy to school once - close a couple times, though!

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