T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Gauntlet - Part III - Thanksgiving...

We hosted Thanksgiving at our place this year. Actually, I had to do very little of the cooking - only a few pies and some whipped cream as well as the rolls. Everyone else brought everything. I just had to host. I thought that sounded like the perfect plan and it was actually the preferred but once it came time for clean up - yeash!!! It took hours. Thanksfully, I had my dear friend Ms. M who came to town and she entertained the kiddos while hubby and I clean up.

We had his folks, my family, and a couple of folks from Italy who had came to our dinner a couple years ago. One of them used to work with Hubby and still works with my sister. They had no place to be so they joined us. It was a fun crowd. We, of course, played Bingo after the dinner. The kids had lots of snuggles from their family. Overall, a nice time. Plenty of left-overs, too. That's the plus of hosting, too!

Oh, and T had just completed his first ever power point presentation. Bless him, he chose "Crocheting" as his topic. Love that kid! He entertained us all with his presentation. He's going to be a great public speaker some day!

At the end are the turkeys the kids made for decoration. Lil Sister's is the one with tape. She is actually quite an artist and gets tired of standard drawing and painting items and will often use other items to "paint with". In this case - blue tape and gum wrappers. She's extremely creative that little one. I just love the photos of my mom with BB. She's so good with babies, especially my babies. They adore her. (Shortly after Thanksgiving she and my sister developed Influenza A - both were really sick but my mom was in recovery for about 3 weeks. It was scary but she is back to full speed again. So glad.)

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