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T Rex Family

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Gauntlet - Part II - T's Spy Themed Party

T is totally into James Bond. He and his sister even keep spy duty. He says he wants to be a real spy someday. We'll see. For now, we can at least do a spy themed party for his 7th birthday.

Some of the highlights from his party:

First, some photos of the "book worms he requested I make for his class at school. They cannot bring in cupcakes or cookies for their birthdays but they can bring in a non-food item. He wanted book worms. So, I made 2 dozen.

Games included: laser maze (try not to touch the lasers), navigate the bomb field, target practice (with targets and bean bags - the nerf guns hurt too badly to use), pass the package (to the music from James Bond), decoding messages using a decryption wheel.

Iron Woman was in charge of BB wrangling. BB also just cruised around and soaked up snuggles from whomever was willing (there were lots of volunteers - she's a very social baby).

The laser game was the biggest hit. The kids went through it until all the "beams" were down. 

There was a lot of energy in that place. We rented our neighborhood association's club house when everyone plus a few extras RSVP'd back. 20 kids age 1-9. Lots of energy. Clean up was simple and most of the parents stayed and pitched in. It was great. 

Our little guy thanked us for his party. He received some cleaver "spy-themed gifts". Here are some things he told me afterward that just make me appreciate him so much.

His beloved kindergarten teacher has become a family friend. As she says, "We've just adopted her into our family." He is no longer in kindergarten but she still visits with us regularly. She could not attend his party because she was working (yes, she works a second job - amazing woman!). However, a couple days after the party she came to the house with a small gift. That day, she visited with him and he practiced his power point presentation with her. Then we went to Build-a-Bear to get his "Toothless Dragon" stuffed. During that mall stop we also saw Santa. Three of his favorite activities in 1 day. What a birthday! When it was all over I asked his favorite part. His response, "Seeing Mrs. Taylor because I love her." Yes - even above Build-a-Bear AND Santa. I told you she was special. The gift she brought was frosting but not why he was excited to see her. He said he just enjoyed her visit and conversation. She is magic with the kids.

Second fun story about his birthday - he asked me to make him a "Christmas Crochet Owl" for his birthday. I did and on his birthday while tucking him in I said, "T, what an odd request for your birthday gift." He replied, "I don't care if it was an odd request or an even request, it was a great request." Then he drifted to sleep. 

LOVE this kid! And I simply cannot believe he is seven!

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