T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Gauntlet...Part I - highlights

November and December are among my most and least favorite months - all at the same time. I call it running the gauntlet. I used to tell Hubby, "We absolutely cannot have our babies in December". This because he and I both have December birthdays and quite frankly I have never enjoyed a December birthday. It was why we were married in June - as far from December as possible.

So, here we go and have all three of our kids in the surrounding months around December - November and January. Five birthdays in just over 8 weeks, plus the holidays. A lot to take in. I was serious months ago when I said we would be having a Christmas in July celebration from hence forth. True Christmas meaning gets completely lost in all the birthday/holiday rush.

We did manage to get up a tree, get to the Winter Garden (more in separate posting on that), decorate a gingerbread house, and see a few lights. I did start a new tradition this year. Our Nativity set "came alive" and the characters made a journey through the house to the stable. It did get the kids excited and refocused on true Christmas meaning. We did also squeeze in our Christmas Eve viewing of Charlie Brown Christmas.

Here are some of the highlights from The Gauntlet months with specific shorter postings to follow...

- First snow - 7 inches (I was actually scheduled to work but had two sick kids and canceled school. Too much to scheduled around.).

 - T turns 7!

- BB just keeps growing and growing.

- Thanksgiving

- Ms. M came over Thanksgiving break.

- More BB cuteness (she was crying which turned to laughter in photo - it worked great for our card!)

- Gingerbread houses

- Santa Visit (totally impromptu hence no special holiday themed clothes but it was still a great visit)

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