T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, June 12, 2015

Staycation Day 7

On the schedule for our final day of staycation was a trip to our local water park. Our sitter for BB offered to watch her for us so we could go without a toddler. She is at peak toddler - into EVERYTHING and climbing on everything. She runs away from us, climbs out of her crib, can get herself off the toilet, and if you say "No" she just laughs. Peak toddler and water park do not mix well in my book. Drowning accident waiting to happen. No thanks. So when Mzz Bzzz (as BB calls her beloved Ms. B) offered we jumped at the opportunity.

We've never been to the water park because we wanted to wait until the older kids were big enough and also strong enough swimmers to go. A couple summers ago they mastered swimming and are total fish. Especially my tiny S. At 36 pounds and just barely 42 inches, she was just big enough to go on the majority of the water slides. Even the big ones that T was tall enough to enjoy, he still did not want to go on them which was helpful for not making her feel sad about that. They would try to race each other down the slides but he could win every time because weight is a big factor. He was a sweet big brother and would try to give her a head start so she could win.

There was on big slide we could all go on together as a family. That was great fun and we went a couple of times. There was another that we could go in twos which was also fun, especially since the tubes were pitch black. The kids did great and had just the best time. The great thing, too, was that Hubby and I had fun so not just a labor of love.

Highlights by person:

T - Raft slide together as a family
S - Two person slides which she did with her dad and with me 
Hubby - Raft slide together as a family
Me - a brief quiet moment on the lazy river, wave pool, and the first slide I did with S; neither of us was prepared for the rush for that first slide in the dark.

Our little BB went with Mzz Bzz to her local pool which has a kiddie slide of its own and she had a great time with her there today. 

T earned one of our passes with his reading. While we were in line to buy the others (which are not cheap - we were expecting to spend $100 today), someone gave us one of their day passes. It was a wonderful treat. T's pass also came with a coupon for pizza. That kid has eaten a lot of pizza on this staycation.

It was a great staycation and a great day to wrap things up.

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