T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, June 12, 2015

Staycation Days 5-6

Big Sis has said since she could speak (which was at a quite young age) that she wants to be a nurse practitioner. It may have something to do with her having been with me the entire journey through grad school or maybe she genuinely wants to be a NP or a little of both. With that being said, I took my time off to take her into my work. 

We were at work for a while where she watched me practice some IV starts (we rarely do IVs in the office so I like to regularly practice so that when I do need to do one things go smoothly with little discomfort to the patient). Lil S was worried about the pain but she did great.

Then onto shopping to spend my Christmas gift card Hubby gave me last year followed by smoothies. 

We also took some time on these days to just rest and organize around the house. Both kids' rooms had thorough cleaning and organizing. 

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