T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Miss M's Visit 2015

It has become tradition that my dearest and longest friend come up to our neck of the woods to celebrate either Thanksgiving of Christmas with us. This year was Christmas and she arrived just in time for Christmas dinner. It was a glorious visit. Actually, we were having so much fun and doing a lot of lounging in our pjs that I barely even took photos. 

What exactly did we do? Eat - whatever and when ever we wanted. Worked out. Played with kiddos - lots of play dough, peanut butter lunch rush (one of the games I made for my kids), pretend tea, etc. I had to work one of the days so she held down the fort for us. She has 4 kids of her own so I think three is a piece of cake in comparison. We had a n marathon of Downton Abbey complete with the series finale. We may have eaten chocolate during such marathons. One day we met my mom and sister for shopping. She enjoys hanging with both of them so I think it was nice for her to also have them tag along. My kids joined along for everything except one night I took her out after the kids went to bed for dinner and dessert. Funny, we didn't stay out late because we wanted to get back and watch more Downton Abbey! We always laugh because we go out and only drink water (or in my case hot water) and we get so giggly it's like we're drunk - it has never taken alcohol for us to be drunk with fun.

I was looking at our photos that are up in the guest room where she stayed. They are from senior year of high school and sophomore year of college. Our high school teachers used to excuse us any time we wanted. She was student body president and she appointed me a seat on the counsel since I was head cheerleader. We would often leave on "official school business" just to bake cookies. The photo I have is of us "ditching school" because we were attending a scholarship luncheon followed by a church event. Yes - we were "wild". Those teachers never worried about us because even if we were off baking cookies we'd bring in some the next day for them. Both of us graduated with top honors and plenty of scholarships. We could have gotten into so much trouble with all the freedom we were granted but we didn't. I am so grateful I had someone to "go wild with" those last few months in high school and again for a time in college. (For the record though, we were friends back in junior high, too, it's just that the most memorable things seem to stem from high school and college.) I think the memories we are generating now could rival some of those.

We've been friends a long time. We've seen each other through many things. We love each other no matter what, forgive each other no matter what. It's a friendship beyond being "best friends". Epic friends is a closer term but I still think it falls short in its description.

It was a wonderful visit. Lots of fun and lots of laughter. Lots of good times. 

We're planning another visit this summer and then again for Thanksgiving 2016. I have to look forward to these visits because it was really tough to say goodbye yesterday. Five days was a great visit and as long as we could keep her away from her family but gosh we already miss her sweet spirit around the house. 

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