T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

A great morning and a great week. We kept things very simple and didn't go over board with gifts. Most of the kids gifts from us were homemade - things like PJs, purses/bags, mermaid making kits, games, hats, scarves, shawls, stuffed toys (I'm probably missing a few things). You get the idea. I crafted probably a dozen scarves, several hats, more things than I could keep up with taking photos of to post.

We also were able to spend all day at home with the kids Christmas eve which was wonderful because most years we've been running around dropping off gifts and visiting and this year we just stayed home. This was nice because we had quite a lot of snow. We received a ton of cookies and thus didn't have to bake any for Santa. In fact, we left a couple for Santa, as well as some popcorn and tea along with reindeer food. The kindergarteners always make reindeer food so she sprinkled that outside and we were set.

T asked for some Halo minifigures, S wanted an Elsa Build-a-Bear, and BB wanted a ukulele. Everyone pretty much received what they wanted with the exception Santa chose a mini-guitar for BB versus a ukulele (I think because guitars can be played by all the kids of the family and lessons may be in their future). 

It was the most magical year to date, I think, with the kids on Christmas morning. It was also the least stressed I have ever felt going into the Christmas holiday. 

Christmas day we played in the snow, prepared for my friend Miss M to arrive, and prepared for a big dinner. My brother-in-law's long time friend's son is in our area serving an LDS mission and he asked if that young man and his companions could join our family meal. Of course, I welcome all for Christmas dinner and we had quite the grand feast of tamales, tortillas, beans, chili, rice, and homemade chips. 

Here are several photos of our Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

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