T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa Visit 2015

Today we made our annual trip to the mall to see Santa. Every year for the past 8 this has been our routine, except for one year when he came to a friend's neighborhood clubhouse, we followed him there. He is Santa. Our Santa. And we adore him.

We were all prepared for the toddler to be a little nervous. She was fine until I stepped away and out of the photo. Yet, the photographer was awesome and managed to capture a few decent photos. Santa is amazingly photogenic! He always looks perfect.

T was awestruck. He could barely speak when he spoke with Santa. He handed him his letter and managed to get out a "Hi, how are you?" When Santa replied, "I'm good. I am VERY excited about tomorrow night. I get to go flying with the reindeer and that's quite a lot of fun." T could not contain himself. When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas he squeaked out something about a blue Halo minifigure (for the record, he's never played or seen Halo but he saw that in the store - he likes minifigures for battle strategy games he plays). S was just happy, hugged him, and recited exactly what she wrote in her letter. That girl is my little performer. (More on that later as she just did her first gymnastics meet - oh my goodness!)

We timed things perfectly so we were in and out in less that 15 minutes. I managed to sneak in some last minute shopping while the kids played. Then we were off to delivery packages.

I love the spirit of Santa and have always and will always believe in him. The story and tradition around him and secret giving without anything in return are a beautiful message I hope to always carry on for my children. 

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