T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Art Night at school

This is the second time I have been an art parent for kindergarten. It's kind of a big job because the parents teach art at our school. We have a program we follow so that when a child graduates from 6th grade they have been exposed to every artist in the program. The parent is to devise and teach about the artist and then have the children in their class make something in the style of that artist.

I tag teamed teaching this year with another mom. Next year, I take over the program for the entire school. I'm pretty nervous but also excited about that. I figure I'll be at this school for quite a while so I'll start in a PTO elected position that is not quite so scary as say going right for president.

In February we host a big art gala at the school. All the walls are covered in black paper and the children's art is displayed. I also had to do an art auction item piece. We generate funds for our art program through this silent auction. I had the kinders use water color pastels to color hearts and then mounted them between two pieces of glass. That's the last photo. I think it made $60 or $70 (a couple of families got into a friendly bidding war which just benefits the school.) Here are some photos from this year's art night. (Yes, I was pretty tired that night and just recovering from influenza among other things so I don't look my best - so please look at the kids and the art!)

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