T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mom and Dad's (G and G's) 65th Wedding Anniversary

What a tremendous couple! What an incredible example and legacy to follow.

In February we were fortunate to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. These folks are incredibly modest and wanted only a small celebration in a back room of a restaurant that they insisted on covering all the expenses for. All four of their children, 5 of their 8 grandchildren were there and all four of their great grandchildren were there. It was wonderful being all together and celebrating these two.

I did insist on doing something special for them and volunteered to make the cake. My friend Ms. K helped me with the frosting and coached me through the layers portion. My sister-in-law J brought flowers from her shop to top the cake. Everything was 100% homemade and it was received graciously by my in-laws and enjoyed by all. Delicious and lovely.

Our kiddos were all a bit groggy that night as they were about to start a bout of influenza which they then passed along to us adults. The toddler was the only one spared. We were all vaccinated, too. S had the least intense case but she also was the only one who had the mist versus the shot (better coverage with mist). The rest of us had the quadravalent shot. Fortunately, we did not infect anyone.

I am so grateful to these two people for raising such an amazing son and being such wonderful grandparents to our children. They both look about 20 years younger than they really are. Stay tuned - we celebrated Dad's 90th birthday this month. I think he looks about 65 versus 90. He walks every day about 2-3 miles and they have always eaten healthy and just live a clean lifestyle. I am honored to be apart of their family. Right before Hubby and I were married 15 years ago we celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. It has been wonderful growing closer through the years. I am most grateful for their example and most definitely that they had a fourth child, their only son!

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