T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Some Projects in 2016

Growing a human is hard work. Still, I have been trying to get a few things finished for special folks. I wanted to post some photos of these. A couple are from pre-pregnancy so I was a whole lot more productive then. Some of more recent. I did not realize how lacking I was in posting project photos.

Really, though, I just want to document some of these. Most are my own creations and designs and I want to be able to refer back if I want to repeat some of them. I have to say, I now consider myself an expert level crochet artist. Still, getting two pieces on an item such as two arms or two legs to match up is difficult. It really puts into perspective how amazing the miracle of life is - assembling a human and getting all the parts right. Truly miraculous!

1. Bear for co-worker's new baby girl.
2 & 3. Quilt made for kindergarten teacher as end of year gift. I had kids design patches and I sewed them together and then bound the quilt. Great project. Brought her to tears.
4. Easy t-shirt S used for 100 days of school.

5. Chunky hat I made for myself. I really wanted the one I saw in the catalog but it was $55. This cost about $7 to make. Better color, too. Super soft.
6. 50 heart necklaces made for T and S's classes for Valentine's favors. I think I should probably start on the ones for 2017 if I'm going to keep the tradition going.
7. "Teddy Bacca" so named by the 9 year old who received this for his Star Wars themed birthday. My version of Chewbacca - satchel instead of crossbow. 
8. Peacock - for one of my best friends. I saw it pinned on her Pintrest board and I knew there was no way she could make it for herself so I made it for her - complicated and time consuming but totally worth the look on her face when she opened it!
9. Scarves I made for co-workers. I sometimes crochet during lunch at work so I thought I would gift them with an original creation of my own. Super easy and chunky scarves. Well received. I made about 13 total this year for friends and co-workers.
10. Camo hat and owl for a favorite patient who had a baby and asked me to come see her while in the hospital. It was a long road getting her through pregnancy so I thought the new baby and the big sister should have a little something.
11. Pink pony for our great-niece A's birthday.
12. Blue monkey for our great nephew's birth. 
13. Christmas creations - "white elephant", Christmas owls, and snowmen.
14. Wise may and camel for a friend's annual birthday gift. Each year I add a piece to her Nativity set.
 15. Yoda for a little one's 5th birthday. 
16. Twin opposite monkeys and hats for my friend and fellow blogger Caitlin's new identical twin boys.

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