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T Rex Family

Sunday, May 29, 2016

S's 6th Birthday Party - Fashion Cat Party

I just published the identical posting on her blog but it was such a great party idea and I was so happy with the end result that I will post here, too. I'm behind in blogging but trying to catch up.

S's's mom here - really behind in the blogging department (we're having a baby in October and lots to do to catch up and prepare and just a lot keeping up with this super high energy girl!) So, my apologies this is so delayed. Poor dear, she has not even been in for her 6 year wellness visit but I'm sure she's fine. She's a super healthy girl - most of the time. This weekend she was struck with a gastrointestinal bug but she's tough and powered through it.

So here you go - the photos from her 6th birthday. Her Auntie J helped a ton and her cousin Dede and his girlfriend S also came to help. Her beloved kindergarten teacher also came by and pitched in helping herd the cats. S's chosen theme was "fashion cat party". This is classic S - complicated theme that I cannot just look on Pintrest to get ideas.

Her Auntie did all the food and decorations. I did the activities. S really wanted face painting and the face painting artists were happy to have a theme to work with. So as folks arrived, the girls (and it was a girls only party at S's insistence) circulated through the face painting station. While they did that, the also made cat ear headbands. Then onto jewelry making and finally designing their "dresses" which were just T-shirts they colored with fabric markers. I crocheted some belts and bow ties for them to add to their costumes.

Instead of gifts we had a book exchange. Each girl brought a book and each left with a book. I drew names and in that order they could select which book they wanted. I picked up a few extra books just in case and to add variety but everyone was super excited about the books and it saved us from a mound of gifts to keep track of and gifts that she really does not need. There was no complaint from the birthday girl. She loves to read and is quite good at it even at six. I also had Dr. Seuss' book "Happy Birthday to You!" out for everyone in attendance to sign so she could remember all the people at her birthday party.

Party favors consisted of crocheted cats I made in a variety of colors. This kept cost down but it was quite labor intensive.

After cupcakes (which were shaped into a pink dress - that was her requested "cake") they strutted down the "cat walk" while my sister introduced each of them with their cat names while discussing their designs. The cat walk photos are quite blurry. Every one was in motion but I still wanted to put some on here to remember the moments.

It was a huge success and all the little girls LOVED it but especially my birthday girl love it which is the most important part.

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