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T Rex Family

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Devil's Food Cake

So, what do you get your father-in-law who has everything and is in fact, trying to get rid of stuff (not accumulate more)?

Well, he loves chocolate - explains so much about T Rex Dad!

Thus, I pulled out my Better Homes and Garden cookbook and decided to make a chocolate cake. Then I saw that the recipe called for melted chocolate. I really do not enjoy melting chocolate - it always comes out tasting burnt to me. Right next to the chocolate cake recipe was the devil's food cake recipe. It called for cocoa powder instead of the melted chocolate - that I can do! Then I got to thinking - what is the difference between chocolate cake and devil's food cake? Anyone know? Maybe it's common knowledge but I seriously had no clue.

Well, according to the cookbook devil's food cake gets its name from the reddish brown color that results from the baking soda and cocoa powder mixing. So, of course, now I have to try it to see if they're right! And I did! See for yourself...

These are the recipes I used - Devil's Food Cake on the left and Chocolate Butter Frosting on the right - you can click on the images to enlarge them if you'd like the recipe. (I'm not going to type them since T Rex is "helping me" this morning.)

Stirring the cake batter - it does have sort of a reddish tint already but not as much as I expected. Keep reading...

The two layers out of the oven - they were a little over-cooked because T Rex HAD to GP ("go potty") about two minutes before they were supposed to come out and he does not like to sit in the restroom alone.)

The finished product (doesn't the stand make it look so lovely?)

When we cut the cake to eat it, the inside did indeed look reddish brown!

The cake was a bit hit and just the perfect birthday gift!

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Caitlin said...

ooh! That looks delicious!

septembermom said...

Chocolate anything is always the best birthday gift! Looks very yummy! I think I have the same cookbook. I'll have to try that one. I want to avoid melting chocolate too. If we were next door neighbors, I probably would be knocking on your door for a visit and hopefully a big piece of cake:)

Nina said...

I had no clue their was a difference. That was pretty cool!!! Thanks for sharing.

shell said...

Didn't know that either. Did you think there was any actual taste difference??