T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Miscellaneous...Lots of Little Things...

There are a few small items to mention - each not necessarily worth an entire post but definitely worth mentioning. So, here goes - a bunch of small posting in one somewhat long posting...

First, this past week I hit the 33 week mark for this pregnancy. T Rex Dad snapped a couple photos before we headed out to celebrate his birthday. (I'm definitely not usually this dressed up with pearls and make-up.) I did not post a "T Rex Profile Pic" because he just posted his stats from his 2 year well check on
his blog.

My sister kindly loaned me this sweater - it's not a maternity one but she figured with it being long it would work and it does. I'm a fairly petite person so her size medium fits quite large on me - even being 33 weeks pregnant. Although, I can finally keep up with her in the cleavage department!

Next, we decorated the house early this year because we were hosting the playgroup Christmas party. (We usually wait until all our birthdays are past before moving onto Christmas but we had to make the house "Christmasy" for the kids.)

T Rex Dad actually did most of the decorating - I took off and went to the Christmas Bazaar to steal,
I mean borrow, some ideas for gifts for next year. It was nice to come home and have most of the decorating done. What a guy!

T Rex was so impressed with his "dada" that he started his own cheer for him - check out the video to see what I mean! (It's only about 7 seconds long but you'll get the idea.)

Finished Product...

We put our regular artificial tree on a card table to keep a little T Rex from pulling it down (and all non-breakable ornaments, too). It looks so massive on that table but really it's only a 6 foot tree. You can see Anya, our dog, lounging beside it.

A few other favorite decorations I put up...

My mini nativity scene - I don't know why, but I just love putting it out every year - it's the first thing I put out and the last thing I put away. And I always put this card up with it - it's Linus from Peanuts stating the "true meaning of Christmas". We always watch "A Peanuts Christmas" on Christmas Eve.

German Gingerbread House - T Rex Dad is mostly German so I had to do one this year to honor his heritage. Every year I do a gingerbread house (or train as I did last year). When I was really young every year my Aunt Grace would make me a gingerbread house. It was always hugely elaborate. I just remember wanting to put my dolls in it to play but, of course, it was too small. Ever since then, I just have to have a gingerbread house - even if it's made of graham crackers and hot glue (what I did during college)!

This is one of my early ornament creations. I ran out of beads for the eyes so I used a larger size. My gingerbread man is VERY aware. It's been a running joke with T Rex Dad and me for the past half dozen years or so. If this ornament could talk he would say, "HELLO, I'M Gingerbread Man..." - you'd have to hear the funny voice and see our wide eyes to get the full effect but it always makes for a great laugh. See why I have to go to the Christmas Bazaar?!? This ornament was pre-bazaar days.

Here we are on the day of the kids' party...
Preparations. I love all the counter space in my kitchen. It makes these kinds of preparations so much easier. There's just something about working in my kitchen (not someone else's) that makes me a little giddy. I'm not sure why.

T Rex and T Rex Dad took naps while I did last minute preparations - remember, T Rex Dad decorated the house the previous day so he was more than deserving of a nap.

Some of the crowd enjoying the gathering. That's T Rex in the red shirt putting a puzzle together and wearing his Christmas pants I made.

More from the party. I did not take too many photos as there was a lot to do preparing dinner and dodging toddlers. I certainly had a great time and I think everyone else did. It's a wonderful group. I am so fortunate to have such wonderful friends to hang out with. And it's also wonderful that everyone feels so comfortable with each others' kids. You can see T Rex in this photo talking with one of the other moms. Everyone just pitches in a helps with each others' kids. And, of course, the 4 week old baby girl got LOTS of snuggles. (I think T Rex Dad is now even more excited to meet our new little daughter!)

What miscellaneous things have you been up to?


Ally said...

You look amazing!!

septembermom said...

You're adorable! So cute!

The decorating and Christmas fun are terrific! T-Rex is a great Santa's helper.

Shell said...

Great pics. You look good! Funny, I feel the exact same way about our Nativity scene.

Emily said...

First off...you are the cutest prego lady ever! Second...T Rex's glasses are amazingly adorable on him. How cute can he get??!! And finally, it looks like you rocked the pre-school party!! Well Done!!

Love your decor and your beautiful home!!

Nina said...

That is a lot of little things. I have never done a ginger bread house but it does sound like fun. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful play group both for the kids and for all you gals who are friends.

Great idea putting the tree up high. I could not do it in my house (tree already hits the ceiling) but keeping someone out this year is not going to be easy. We were just at the doctors for his 2 year check up (little late) yesterday and they had a tree and it was not fun keeping him out.

Thanks for your little miss you post. I have been so busy I can't see straight. I love the holiday's but this year seems really stressful for me with all I am trying to do and keep up with. Hopefully I will find some peace soon. I am afraid blogging is going to be minimal until the new year.

Jenners said...

You look so cute ... and so does your tree!