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T Rex Family

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Multiple Personality...

When I was a student nurse, I was also completing my child psychology degree (I don't like to admit this all that often because it implies that I should be the perfect mom with the perfect child - neither of which is true but we sure try hard). Thus, my psych nursing professor thought it would be a learning experience to put in me the adolescent lock down unit to complete my psych nurse rotation.

This seemed to make sense as I was the most qualified student. Well, my first day there I met a young girl with multiple personality disorder. This is quite rare and I was most excited to get the chance to chat with at least one of her personalities. Well, evidently that day's personality did not like me and she attacked me when "red devils started coming out of my head". I sought refuge behind a couch until she could be restrained. I felt so bad for her. It must be such a frightening experience.

I often think of her when I'm pregnant. That's the closest analogy I have regarding what it must be like for those folks - like your body is responding in a way you cannot control. I feel like I have small version of multiple personality disorder when I'm pregnant. Of course, it's temporary, reversible, and the end result is a bundle of joy, but here's what I mean.

Top Ten Ways I Know I'm Pregnant...

10. Enhanced sense of smell - T Rex Dad cannot wear his normal amount of cologne or he can't come near me. Usually, I LOVE his cologne - the more the better.

9. First trimester fatigue - serious fatigue, like I'm falling asleep in the grocery store while waiting to pay. And taking naps - I have NEVER been a nap person, not even when I was little (my poor mother). However, needing a daily nap - a sure fire sign! And if I don't get one - grumpy T Rex Mom - serious grumpiness.

8. Daily prostration to the porcelain deity - not just nausea but full on vomiting all day - you get the idea. I've gotten really good at carrying an "emergency bag" with breath freshener and a sturdy collection bag. (This nausea/vomiting can last up to 7 months.)

7. Tearfulness. I am normally not one who cries all that much or that easily. That's a definitely change when I'm pregnant. A song on the radio might reduce me to tears - this happened the other day while listening to the Christmas song, "Mary, Did You Know?" I was in the car on my way to the store to exchange something. The sweet clerk thought something was wrong but I sure did get good service that day!

6. Clear skin. I've always struggled with complexion issues but when I'm pregnant, I have the most perfectly clear skin. Now that, I can live with!

5. Redistribution of body hair - I have the need to shave my legs less and less but then there are other areas (don't ask...) that could use a little more attention.

4. Clumsiness - dropping things for no reason. Two recent examples - I dropped my sushi roll during dinner right on the floor - it was like my hand had a mind of its own. Or, another example eating out - I had a tray of food and was pushing it along to pay and I slid it right off the counter and onto the floor - food and glass went everywhere. I could not even blame the toddler - he was already seated with his dad.

3. Looking like I haven't lost that baby weight leads to pride issues. A few months ago the grocery clerk was trying to pull the cart past me and it did not fit because of my growing belly. She remarked, looking at T Rex in the cart, "Oh, I haven't lost my baby weight either." I was not sure if I should take it as a compliment or insult. I actually worked really hard to lose the weight from T Rex so my pride over-came me and I told her I was actually 5 months pregnant. Then I felt bad because she was a little embarrassed. I really must work on my pride issues - they really manifest when I'm pregnant.

2. Fetal movement - yes, it starts out feeling like bubbling or gas but then I cannot deny there is someone in there - especially when she camps out below my liver. And fetal hiccups make me anxious - I start tapping my foot. Really annoying to my bed partner at night! Then eventually the movement progresses to where my abdomen will move on its own - like an alien is going to come out any moment. Even strangers will look at me and comment that my belly is moving.

1. Cognitive changes or "forgetfulness" - I recently studied anti-Parkinson medications and some actually do cause "cognitive changes" (a fancy way of saying forgetfulness) - yep, that's me but not from meds but from hormones. English muffins are now called "circle toast" because I cannot seem to remember the name for them. Or I will walk into the pantry and then completely forget why I went in there.

I don't want to be mistaken, this is not a complaining post. I am truly grateful that I get this experience. Many women long to have this experience. No, rather, this is just my way of explaining why I am the way I am for 9 months at a time!

Can anyone relate? What odd changes have you noticed while you're pregnant?


Jenners said...

Being pregnant is weird, isn't it? One of the things I most remember is an aversion to bananas and I could NOT go near the microwave popcorn aisle in the grocery store, which always struck me as really odd. The smell was just nauseating.

septembermom said...

Pregnancy can throw everything off. I remember that oversensitive sense of smell. It would hit me at all the wrong moments. I also had the forgetfulness. I think I still do some days :)

Rich said...

I always thought that pregnancy puts hair on your chest.

Katie said...

I was overly sensitive to smell too, when I was pregnant. One of my most and least favorite were the same thing - rage. I was very ballsy/outspoken when I was pregnant...when I was in a situation where I would usually just bite my tongue and smile, I actually got a little mean with people. And it felt GOOD. I am not like that now, but I definitely feel bad for the telemarketers that had to talk to me while I was pregnant!

Ally said...

I remember when I was pregnant with A, he loved kicking my ribs. Baby movements are fun at first, but then I wish they would stop so I could sleep!

The fleece liners are for keeping your baby dry so their skin doesnt get irritated from the wetness. So you put them between baby and diaper. I use them for A's naps, his(and J's used to be too) skin is very sensitive to being wet. Also the liners will prevent your diapers from staining and make poop removal easier!

septembermom said...

Hi again! I just wanted to let you know that I put the Star Wars movie quote in my game just for you :)

mitchsmom said...

Sounds so familiar!

My first sign (sometimes realized in retrospect) was always weird &/or vivid dreams.