T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stocking Poll...

The tradition in our household is that Christmas Eve night is time for just us to exchange gifts and celebrate the spirit of the holiday together. After gift exchange we watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" before bed.

Then on Christmas morning we open our stockings and the gifts from Santa. Santa visits all members of our family - adults, kids, pets - everyone. However, I know that's not the case for all households. Hence my poll...

Which stockings does Santa fill at your home - just the kids, kids and adults, kids and adults and pets, anyone and anything hanging a stocking. I am just curious. I'll leave the poll up for a few days. Make sure you cast your vote.

I'd also love to hear what your family tradition for Christmas Eve night is - leave me a comment. Who knows there might even be a prize involved!!!

(If you need a little more holiday motivation, you can see T Rex's Santa photo on his blog.)


Caitlin said...

Santa mostly fills up stockings for the kids - but he might get one or two things (mostly CANDY) for the adults too.

Our Christmas Eve tradition growing up:

Potato soup for dinner (don't ask me why)
Christmas eve service
Setting out stockings
My Dad reading the Christmas story from the Bible before bed.

We haven't had too many Christmas' together yet, but I am assuming they will involve some of the things above!

Emily said...

The kids mostly...but I have in recent years decided...I want one too. Which means, Mr. Morten get's one as well.

We go over to my mom's and have and early dinner and a program with the reading of the Christmas story from the Bible. Then we go out and do a Spirit of Christmas service. Next we come home and give our gifts to Jesus. Open one present (pajamas). Watch a Christmas movie (the Nativity) sing Christmas carols..light candles and go to bed.

Or something like that! ;)

septembermom said...

The kids are the only ones to get stockings here. Mommy and Daddy tend to "skip" Christmas for each other. Maybe we'll do it again when the kids move out. Now we're just wiped out trying to get things for the kids each year :)

Jed Wheeler Family said...

We fill all the stockings "baby" (Jara's stuffed animal) even has his own stocking! :)

Missus Wookie said...

Santa brings stockings for everyone, including (with a bit of scrambling) for unexpected guests who have to borrow a stocking. Some adult guests have been so thrilled they've taken the tradition home.

Katie said...

Santa has hinted that he will be visiting both adults, both cats, the dog and the child this year. Even with the financial cutbacks, he understands that sometimes splurges are necessary to continue tradition.

Shell said...

If we are not working, I usually like to go to the Christmas Eve church service. We let the dogs have their stockings first on Christmas morning. Open our presents then off to Mom and Bill's for a feast (the roast beast). If lucky enough to not be working, it is a day with family.

The Grinch, Its A Wonderful Life, and Charlie Brown top the must see list.

Nina said...

Everyone gets something from santa. While our stockings are not as full as the kids it does have something.

As for Christmas eve we always go to my in-laws and celebrate Christmas eve with them.