T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where to start???

We've been busy around here. Nothing too spectacular but just keeping busy with every day things. We are getting ready for a brief summer vacation so I've been trying to get caught up with school and some of the projects I want for our trip.

I guess I'll start with Father's Day and work backward from there. Here are some highlights from Father's Day Eve. We went out with T Rex Dad's family for brunch and then sneaked away to the park. All T Rex Dad wanted for Father's Day was an outing to the park with the kids and lots of naps.

A couple of photos from our brunch:

Auntie P demonstrated her T Rex wrangling/whispering with some play-dough thus earning her T Rex's affection. If you've ever tried to get a toddler to sit through an almost two hour meal, you'd know what kind of feat that is!

T Rex Princess took a little snooze with Aunt T.

Then off to the park. You can visit T Rex's blog for more photos of him on the jungle gym.

Daddy snuggles.

Playing chase.


T Rex Princess and T Rex Mom on the swing.

T Rex Dad did get some nap time in during which I worked on projects for the kids. I'll get those photos posted soon as well as a little project T Rex and I did together. In the mean time, I hope you had a great day celebrating the fathers in your life.

Happy Father's Day T Rex Dad. I always knew you would be a wonderful father but these days I am constantly reminded when I see how tender you are with the kids and how very much they love you!


Kim said...

What a nice day at the park you look like you had. Isn't it funny how simple our desires become? I love that Dad only wanted to go to the park with the kids and get a few naps. That sounds like the wish list over here. I hope you are well and I appreciate all of your supportive comments. Hugs!

Nina said...

Looks like a wonderful Fathers Day. We just returned from our vacation (hence my busy week last week). Hopefully I will get some fun stuff up on my blog soon. My little guy had 3 days of fever while on vacation (all tests taken before vacation came back negative) and a fever again last night. I did get some insight into what might be wrong. I shared some water with him on Thursday and with in a couple hours I came down with a sore throat and then had fever, chills, body aches for three days. My next conversation with the doctor will be asking if he could be holding on to a flu virus that he can't seem to shake. He can't tell me his body hurts so it is hard to know. I really am out of ideas.
A two hour meal truly is a long time for a little one.

Emily said...

I love your pictures...they always look so refreshing and fun!

You are a good mom and I am glad you are married to a good dad!

Jenners said...

Lovely photos ... as always.

And T-Rex Dad sounds like a real winner! You are very lucky!

Have fun on vacation!

Erin said...

I just love to see father's and their children together, it's just so special!!!

septembermom said...

What a sweet post full of love and fun for everyone! I'm happy that it was a great Father's Day for you guys! The kids are as cute as ever.