T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Canceled Weekend Plans...

Things have been hectic and crazy around here so it's difficult to be completely organized and concise.

So, this little guy's body decided it was not entirely over his sickness. In fact, he had a complete relapse leading to the cancellation of all our weekend plans.

But that's alright. T Rex Dad and I might be a little socially deprived but we can always find projects to keep us busy. This was what I did after my three quizzes and two school assignments...

This outfit is for a dinner auction to raise money for my nephew's school. I made another one almost exactly like it as part of a barter with a friend. She's making the kids these adorable knit monsters and I'm making her son toddler pants.

We have a birthday party this week - here's our gift.

This was a Christmas hat I made - either for T Rex or me. Or we can share. As you can see, he's feeling much better. Nothing a little trinket from the Dollar Store doesn't make better - see what he's holding?

T Rex Princess was kind enough to share her toys with her sick brother. Luckily, she's all better.

And she learned a new trick over the weekend - sitting up. And said her first word. Check out her blog to find out what!

Even the first Princess of our Hearts got a few extra pets.

So although our weekend took a detour, we still ended up here:

And isn't that what's really most important?


Rey said...

My little brood is sick as well. I wonder if it is because we went from 115 degrees to 85 in a week? No time to climatize? (is that a word? haha!)
But I'm glad your's is feeling much better!
And yes, that is indeed "what it's all about"!
Very cute sewing! And I sooo wish you or Katie (or both) were here to teach me how to knit! I stink at it! That hat looks awesome!

Emily said...

We've had the bug here, too! I think the entire world's got it! I agree with Rey on the climatize-ing, though!

Good on you...for your positive attitude girly!

And look at your amazing skills. One thing is for certain, you never waist any time...regardless of the changes in plans!

Emily said...

oops...you know I meant waste...right?! ;)

Jenners said...

Those little outfits are adorable (as are the kids, of course). It stinks when kids are sick ... I always feel so bad for them. I'm sure a few more trinkets from the dollar store and he'll be right as rain.

septembermom said...

That's so tough. I always feel for the little ones when they're sick. I love all the outfits!! You are one talented gal :)

Kim said...

I can't believe that she is sitting up and talking!!!! Where the heck does the time go? I'm going to send you an email asking for your medical opinion on something. I hope T Rex doesn't relapse again. It's so worrisome to have sick kids not to mention difficult.

JKMommy said...

What a great sort of photo-journalism post... love the ending picture. And I LOVE the adorable outfits you made. Did you applique the shirts with the same fabric as the pants? What pattern did you use? I would LOVE to make some for my little guy. Do you sell these!? Sorry I just think they are so cute! :)

Nina said...

I love the little outfits you make. They are always so cute! I keep saying I am going to do it but have yet to find the time.

How exciting to be sitting up. Before you know if she will be running around.