T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ruminations - What is happening to time???

Ruminate: to turn a matter over and over in the mind.

Continuing my series on my ruminations.

I cannot believe it has already been nearly a week since I last posted. It's felt like the longest week but also like my last posting was only yesterday. What a weird feeling.

I'm not sure if it's because my days and nights are so full or that time is, well, as Einstein says - relative. And, therefore, it seems faster at times and slower at times. But lately, it just feels like my life is on fast forward.
I would SO love if we observed Martian days - they have 25 hours in them!

T Rex dad measured T Rex this week and the kid has literally grown an inch in the past 3 weeks. I've read in my school textbooks that kids can actually grow a full inch in their sleep - wake up one morning an inch taller than the day before. Thus, intellectually I knew it was possible, but seeing it in real life manifest in my own children, that's a whole other issue.

I remember as a child, time just seemed to go on and on. Dinner time was endless, particularly if black-eyed peas were involved. But now, everything is a blur. I try to fill every possible moment I can with these precious little kids of mine because I can feel their tiny bodies growing at an exponential rate and there is nothing I can or would want to do about it. As much as I try to dissuade my little ones from getting any bigger or growing any older, time marches on. And every time I find myself obsessing because one of them has not hit a particular milestone according to my time-frame, I make myself pause because invariably they hit it.

So for now, pardon me if I do not update as often. School is wearing heavy on my shoulders, there are pears and grapes to can, an occasional date with T Rex Dad, and lots of toddler and baby snuggles to be had. Because at the rate my life is going, I'll be sitting in my "old folks home" looking back nostalgically at these very full days and wishing I could go back and hold my babes one more time.

(Photos: T Rex with his great-auntie and T Rex Princess hitting a milestone I was so worried about her hitting - sitting up. The day I took this photo she decided she was ready to start sitting up. Note the glee on her face as she finally managed to get a hold of one of her brother's precious Toy Story guys!)


Erin said...

Time definitely does go by so fast! I just love that pic of her sitting up, her diaper cover is adorable!

T Rex Mom said...


No diaper cover here - this is her actual diaper. Pretty neat, huh?

Emily said...

How right you are! Do whatever you need to do to savor every moment with those little ones...even if it means less blog posts...we'll miss you though!

Take care of yourself. You are an amazing gal and I am lucky to know ya!

zombiemom said...

Everytime I get stressed out running the kids to and fro, I try to tell myself that one day I will be nostalgic for now.
Honestly, I cry everytime I think about it. These are definately "the days".

Missus Wookie said...

love the look of pride on her face - whether for the toy story guy or sitting up :)

Just recycled one of Ewok's toy story guys to a small two year old who was VERY impressed.

Take care of yourself and enjoy those baby snuggles.

Jenners said...

It is so true ... having kids seriously warps time! And yay for Ms. Princess sitting up on her own!

Nina said...

Oh how I hear you! It seems like time goes faster and faster all the time. I have every moment planned out for October and it is going to pass by so very fast....

She looks pretty happy to have one of big brothers toys.

JKMommy said...

TRex princess is certainly a cutie! :) Does she sit up on her OWN from a laying down position? My baby will sit up if I put him there but won't get there himself yet..... we will get there! :)