T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Un-intentionally Green...

Recently someone deemed this blog to be green. I guess I never thought I was very green. Upon further reflection, I realize that, indeed, I am. But not so intentionally. 

Probably it was my small addiction for fluffy cuteness covering my daughter's derriere that started me down this road. Initially, we chose this option to off set living expenses as I am in graduate school to become a nurse practitioner and this kind of school is not inexpensive. We found we could save thousands of dollars by doing so. Later we learned about all the health benefits. However, we were not trying to be green. This has had a trickle down effect and introduced me to some more comfortable options during my normal time of the month. This option and this option were chosen because of the reusable nature and comfort. It just so happens they are considered green.

As I was making cloth wipes for diaper changes, I found myself also making cloth napkins for the kids and later the adults. Now we rarely use paper napkins. I've even taken some of my old cloth diapers and turned them into paper-less towels for the kitchen. This has significantly reduced our use of paper towels. Not entirely, but significantly. What about TP? Well, we have not departed from that entirely. However, I do have reusable "family cloth" for use with the kids when they use the facilities for number ones.

What about our eating options? We've been acquiring our beef for several years from a local farmer who feeds all organic grass and gives no antibiotics or hormones. If we eat beef, this is where it comes from. Additionally, any kind of dairy product we purchase is also hormone-free, free-range and organic. And the rest of our foods are about 85% organic. We choose this for our family because we do not wish to expose our kids to added chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones. We feel blessed that we are in a situation to do so.

When possible we purchase locally. All our canned items from this past year were local purchases - yes, organic, too. I had several people ask me for my canning recipe or wanting me to teach a canning class. I did teach a couple canning classes but honestly, I believe it was the organic fruit that makes the preserves so tasty. 

I've even noticed my crafting projects are taking on a green hue. I've recently gotten into upcycling clothing and my latest projects are made from all organic cotton yarn. Did I choose the yarn because it was eco-friendly? Gosh, I wish I could say I did but I chose it because it was the softest and I knew it would be safe for our little guy.

Clockwise - penguin, seal, and lion.

I made the seal and penguin at T Rex's request - he's really into marine animals at the moment.
So that's how we ended up so green. We do it because it makes sense and cents. I would love to say that we are out here trying to save our planet but honestly, at the moment, we am more concerned about making wise parenting choices for our family than letting carbon emissions dictate those choices. 

I'm not sure how much money we've saved - at least $100 just not having to buy diapers and wipes every month. What I do know is how nice it is to not load the Costco grocery cart with diapers, wipes, paper towels, and napkins every time we go shopping. 

(P.S. The dentist visits went great. You can read about T Rex's visit here.)

What kinds of intentional or un-intentional green behaviors do you practice?


Tat said...

I love your toys, I've been making lots of toys lately, too. They are the one thing I can finish quickly.

I'll have to think about the intentional and unintentional bit, but most of my green behaviours are quite intentional, but they have become a lot more intentional after I've had children. Now that I have kids, I seem to care about everything a lot more, including the environment.

Following you from the Green Blog Hop.

Kim said...

You know what? Whoever mentioned that you are green is spot on. I agree and I think you are making good choices for the right reasons! I have been meaning to get a picture of the boys in their shorts to post. Stay tuned!

septembermom said...

Go green!! I think it's wonderful how you thoughtfully think out all of the choices you make for home and play. I admire you immensely for your dedication and commitment. Running over to read about T-Rex's visit now :)

jdm2551 said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from the Green Mama Blog Hop! I'd love for you to follow back :)

April said...

Isn't great that all of these green choices just make sense for so many different reasons?

Sarah Hull said...

I LOVE the lion you made! I really enjoyed reading about the unintentional green choices you've made - they really do make so much "sense and cents".

Congrats on being a featured blogger from the Green Mama Blog Hop! I'm following your blog!

Have a wonderful day!
The Little Hedgehog

JKMommy said...

LOVE the marine animals! What a delight for your children that you can whip up some fun toys that suit their interests! If I lived in your state I would be right over there begging you to teach me how to do that! LOL!
My green-ness let me see. I actually cringe at the "label" b/c it calls to mind political concepts I can't agree with! LOL HOWEVER, I would say I am unintentionally green in that I use cloth diapers, glass straws, and try to be as resourceful and economical as possible. Again like you, for financial reasons!! :)

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

it makes sense and cents. Love it and I may steal it one day :)

your animals are awesome you crafty mama!