T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cabin Trip Part III - Nature Walk

On the first morning at the cabin we took a nature walk. This particular walk I've done on horseback and it did not seem all that long. Carting a toddler on my back and having our three year old walk on his own made the walk seem quite a bit longer. This would probably explain why T Rex slept so soundly and so easily despite all the adults conversing downstairs. He was a trooper and walked the entire way.

We picked wildflowers and rocks, looked a bugs, and even spied some broken egg shells. For some reason, T Rex was most impressed with the broken egg shells. 

It was a great walk - more like a trek. I acquired two mosquitoes bites through my clothing but we did bring home some lovely flowers. The smaller bunch were the ones T Rex picked for his grandma. I think the best were the giant dandelions. I was just glad I've been going through immunotherapy treatment for my allergies. I managed walking through all those pollinating weeds and wildflowers without any sneezing, itchy nose, or hives and absolutely no drugs. I did get a good chuckle when T Rex told us those dandelions would turn into rumor weeds. Sharp mind on that kid!

This is the end of our cabin adventures. Here is T Rex's summation upon seeing his Nana, "There were no fish in the slimy lake and no uncle-berries* but there were mosquitoes and egg shells. It was not fun anymore after Grandma and Grandpa left." 

Thank you, G & G for allowing us a get-away. Thanks to our kids for not getting any permanent injuries. Lastly, a huge thank you to T Rex Dad for all his help. It was so very much work being there with little kids. Quite the departure from our pre-kid days when we would go to the cabin and spend days just enjoying the calm and quiet and taking hikes and picking berries. However, I am very grateful to be in this place at this time with this man and these little kids. Sometimes a little trip like this puts all that in perspective.

*Translation - T Rex calls huckleberries "uncle-berries"


JKMommy said...

Thank you for sharing these sweet memories with us! What a lovely thing for your kids to have these experiences!! You managedto fit so many great things into a sort time!

Jenners said...

The wildflower arrangement looks lovely!! And that is the biggest dandelion I've ever seen!

Caitlin said...

I too have NEVER seen a dandelion that big!! AMAZING!

love the "rumor weeds" and the "uncle berries!" So cute!

Kim said...

Oh yeah, Deaglan would be the same, he gets excited by the oddest things. I loved that the trip gave you some perspective on your life.

septembermom said...

Wildflowers and uncleberries - sounds like perfect treasures to be found on a trek. You had wonderful adventures for sure at the cabin. Great pictures for memories too.