T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"What You Gonna Do When They Come For You?"

Can this be a good thing?

When I was about T Rex's age I went with my mom to the craft store. I was wearing a red pull over sweatshirt with a front pocket that both my hands fit into. I recall there were these pom pom puff ball things that I wanted. When I asked my mom if we could get them she said we could not. Thus, when she was not looking I grabbed a couple of handfuls and put them into my pocket. 

Upon arriving back at home I proudly showed my mom what I brought home. She was very cross with me and explained that was stealing and we did not take things that we did not have permission to take or had not been paid for.

She told me she was very disappointed and that I would take them back to the store the next day and apologize. In the mean time, she said I should be very good otherwise someone from juvy-hall would be coming by to take me away. Oh, goodness, every time I heard a siren or a helicopter I was sure they were coming for me. 

Fortunately for us we have a friendly family friend police officer who graces us with a visit whenever he's in the neighborhood and might have a break. We promise to always feed him which we do. Unfortunately, the kids are learning that police officers like this one are really nice and friendly, and his arrival does not indicate they are in trouble but quite the opposite.

Look at them waving goodbye...

I guess we won't be using the juvy-hall line on them. 

Do you find yourself using or intentionally not using some of the same parenting techniques your parents used on you? Or just saying some of the same things your parents used to say?


JKMommy said...

This was a really funny post!! Iactual struggler be as black and white as my parents were/are. I have a hard time not letting my feelings and emotions get in the way of my parenting techniques. I think my parents were a bit overly strict,but then again, people are always saying how well raised all their kids are! LOL...so I guess it worked. I haven't yet caught myself doing something theyused to do but I probably will at some point! I will keep that in mind and write a post whenever that happens!

Jenners said...

Glad you weren't hauled off to jail for your craft theft!!! : )

Caitlin said...

Haha! Love this post! Isaac would DIE if he got to get this close to a police car! He is ALLLLL about trucks these days!

We are big into "police men are nice strangers and helpers" around here!

I try to channel some of my mom's amazing energy and efficiency in running the house hold, but I definitely let a lot of things slide!

Caitlin said...

ps love the new blog header!

Tat said...

Yes, I do find myself uttering the same words my mum had used and the same words that I had decided I would never use. It is so frustrating! But at least when you've consciously made a decision not to use a certain parenting technique, you notice when you end up using it and you give yourself a chance to correct it.

Thanks for the quest post, I'll post it next week. Aiming for Monday, but I'll let you know how I go.

Kim said...

I do like teaching the kids to trust the police and firefighters etc. However, I have an acquaintance who when she's at the end of her rope with her kids (6 and 8) threatens that she will call the police on them. This can't be healthy, right?? WHat a beautiful front of the house you have.

septembermom said...

That last picture is great. My kids love any kind of adventure with police or fire personnel.

I sound like my mom all the time :)