T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


These are a few of my recent favorite moments with the kids that I don't want to ever forget - little things that T Rex Dad and I will be talking about when we're old and gray reminiscing in our rocking chairs.

Moments like bedtime stories - various tales of Elmo and his lost puppy, Blankie, Yummy/Yucky, Jenny's Birthday Book, Kim and Carrots, Cris Cross Applesauce...and all their sweet voices helping tell the tales.

Moments at the Burger King play center, a place that is almost always unoccupied allowing for uninterrupted, free entertainment. I love seeing Lil Sister crossing "the bridge" (I wish I had a recording of her little voice saying that) or seeing her hanging at the top of the slide before going down the twists and turns. Or the look on T Rex's face as he is actually in the tube sliding.

There are even some great moments for me but less enjoyable ones for the kiddos - blending ice cream ingredients, a loud task, but oh so cute to see them covering their little ears.


The kinds of moments that help me through long clinic days when I see my kids for less than an hour in the day, if at all.

These are the kids of moments that simply make me smile.


Jenners said...

These are the moments we need to hang on to when we're having long days. And I think blogging about these moments is such a wonderful way to capture them and have them to savor years from now -- when we're creating new moments.

Caitlin said...

So many sweet pictures! I love them! Hope you are getting through this crazy week okay! I owe you an email! soon!

septembermom said...

These moments are empowering and nurturing. Enjoy them. The pictures are so sweet!

Jason & Claire said...

So sweet. I got a kick out of picturing you and hubby old in rocking chairs.;)

Can't believe you're 82 days away from graduation!!!

Kim said...

The first picture might be my fave...I love those kinds of moments, just real life. WE make great use of McDonald's play place. Free fun!!