T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let's Go Fly A Kite...

It's been a long past 6 weeks. I finally wrapped up my urgent care clinical rotation week. I loved it except for being away from the kids for 14 hours at a time (aka not seeing them on the days I worked). If they knew in advance I would be gone the next day they would wake in the night demanding snuggles. This is charming but at 4:00 am it's tough especially knowing I'd have to be awake very soon which meant I usually did not fall back asleep. It was such an incredible learning experience as exhausting as it was. I learned some valuable skills that will be useful not only in my career but also in caring for my family, particularly in emergent situations. 

I cannot say enough about my preceptor. She has 17 years of experience and has the ability to remain calm and patient in tense and frustrating situations. Remember what I said about how I was having a tough time connecting with her at first? It turns out we are totally kindred spirits. I also thought I was probably one of her average students, too, although, she would compliment me on my sewing skills. She gave me my evaluation on Friday and it was perfect. I told her I did not feel it was deserved in that some of my assessments are still a bit shaky particularly in the realm of dermatology. She said rarely does she give all excellent ratings but felt it was deserved. I was honored by her words because she is not one to offer compliments unless merited. With dermatology it just takes time and seeing a lot of different rashes and other skin issues - this is something one cannot gain without experience. I am glad to have had this experience. As much as I dreaded the hours and commute, 40+ patients in a day kept my mind off missing the kiddos so much.

With all that behind me, I move onto my final clinical rotation - asthma and allergy. I have 101 hours to complete there before graduation in 40 days. I absolutely have to impress and be at the top of my game there. This is where I am hoping to hang my NP hat and practice. I have quite a bit of experience here but not as a nurse practitioner. It will be a steep learning curve but I think my last rotation prepared me for this at least in part. This is something I'm really passionate about having dealt with a young child with asthma and severe food allergy.

The past 6 weeks have left all of us a little stressed and on edge. Today I could not figure out what was wrong with me. I was just grumpy for no apparent reason. I have not had much in the way of stress relief. I usually try to work on some crocheting or sewing to burn off steam and I've done great at keeping up on my work outs, but nothing was working today. T Rex Dad declared he was taking the kids to the park to fly kites and I had strict orders to stay home and relax. He would call and let me know when they were headed home.

He and the kids left for 2 hours. I cannot even remember the last time I was home alone. Maybe before Lil Sis was born? T Rex Dad has taken the kids while I stayed home working on projects with family or friends like cookie baking or soap making but staying home to do nothing - what's that? Well, I experienced it tonight and it was heavenly. I finished up a cute little crochet bunny for T Rex and started on Lil Sister's, too. Then a long, very hot bath. There was no hurrying, no rushing, and no multitasking. They called when they were a few minutes out, I put the pizza in the oven, and when the kids arrived home I was calm, collected, happy and refreshed. I guess the stress finally caught up with me. How fortunate I feel to have a husband who recognized the signs and symptoms and offered an intervention. I guess I was so busy taking care of others I needed to slow down and take care of myself.

So where did they go for 2 hours? A Sunday drive up to the lake and back in a rain storm followed by some kite flying at the school. It was Lil Sister's first kite experience. I was so glad T Rex Dad took plenty of photos so I could see her excitement. I'll post additional photos on each of the kids' blogs, too. Here are some from their outing - there were several great ones so I picked my favorites (there are still about 8):

Here's to more kite flying and less stress...


angie said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't know how you do it. 101 more clinical hours for your next rotation. ACK!

Here's to less stress and more cuddles. :)

Jenners said...

Good for you for accepting this precious gift of time to yourself. You need it to keep on going and being the wonderful mom/wife/professional woman that you are!

Caitlin said...

I agree with the others- I don't know how you do it but I am SO glad that when the rare grumpy day occurs that you allowed yourself to regroup. And way to go trex dad on such a fun outing! Marvelous pictures!
My voice has finally healed enough to be heard on the phone at least- I will give you a call SOON! I have not forgotten you dear friend!

Kim said...

Oh my friend, I can't think of anyone who needed a little breather more than you. Lately I too completely enjoy a little me time - I used to feel anxious and a bit guilty but now that I feel both kids are just fine without me for a few hours, when I can find them, I relish them.
I'm so happy to hear that your preceptor is good and recognizes your talents. Compliments and great ratings mean so much more when they are genuine and come from a reliable source. I'd demand you be our practitioner if you were close enough!

septembermom said...

How do you get it all done?? And all these wonderfully rich moments and memories that you create for the kids...you are amazing!!!!

JKMommy said...

You have done a GREAT job keeping up with family, work, holidays, crafts, and kids!!! I would be TOTALLY a stress ball every DAY if I were in your shoes - clearly you were created to be a medical PROFESSIONAL b/c you can handle it all (my best friend from college is a nurse and she has the same temperment that seems made of steel - can handle it ALL!)... I have been excited to watch the sidebar countdown get smaller & smaller! ONLY 28 days as I type this comment! :) way to go mama! And may you have MANY more kite-flying days ahead! :)