T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Sunday, April 1, 2012


On a recent outing to Costco I found myself with some extra boxes. Since the giant fort-sized boxes our Good Neighbors gave us had to be recycled after over a year of service, I found myself allowing the kids to play with the Costco left overs. It was really sad, actually. They were trying to make forts out of them but there just was not much to them. By the way, they are both wearing their new Costco PJs - each of them were allowed to choose a new set since both out grew 4-5 pairs this past week. 

Then on a quick trip to the drug store I found this incredible cardboard playhouse. It looked so fun and just the perfect idea. For $20 I splurged and purchased it as a "great job for surviving Mom's urgent care clinical rotation" reward. Plus, it was a lot less expensive than purchasing a refrigerator or something else large enough that would merit gaining a giant fort-sized box.

It has had high use and is holding up pretty good. We opted not to color it - yet. I don't want random scribblings, especially since it does consume a large piece of real estate in our living room area. One of the best parts of it are the mail box slots. The kids have been putting their felt letters into the slots. They've even been stocking up with pretend groceries and carrying them to their house/fort.

It was certainly well earned. They and T Rex Dad have put up with a lot but we are SO happy the urgent care clinical rotation is done. I did start my allergy and asthma rotation this past week. It's great. I LOVE the hours and the patient population is also perfect - I get to see about half adults and half kids (better than some family practices, actually, who have predominant adult populations) and do a little family practice, too. If the patients are having issues related to their allergies such as allergy induced migraines or anxiety, I get to treat those conditions as well as the allergies and/or asthma. I like being able to keep up on those sets of skills. Sad that my suturing and women's health skills will be underutilized but I can do some weekend work in those fields should I choose to keep up on those skill areas.

The learning curve is quite steep - so much to learn in such a little amount of time. Add to that I'm also studying for my national certification exam. I've had nightmares nearly every night about not knowing what diagnosis to give a patient. However, those are interspersed with alien invasions so I guess it's just normal stress for me and I am getting more than 4-5 hours of sleep a night, which that is heavenly.

35 days until graduation...


Kim said...

First of all I love that cardboard house - Deaglan and Naveen would go bananas over it!!! And also you should be so proud of yourself to be this close to graduation. Big hugs and lots of awe coming to you. I love Costco pj's. We got a ton of them when I had Deaglan and most of them lasted for Naveen too.

Jenners said...

Those Costco boxes are sad. And my son has the EXACT same playhouse!!!! It is pretty good but will take AGES to color!

Missus Wookie said...

One of the kids stores near us has that playhouse - looks like the kids are having fun :)

Did you know it is 'national act like a t-rex day' tomorrow? ;) I just had someone tell me and immediately thought of you.

Glad the new rotation is better... roll on graduation.

septembermom said...

The cardboard house is awesome! Jillian would love it. That is really a great price considering all the hours and hours of fun the kids will have in it.

Congratulations to you on all that you have accomplished!! Graduation here you come!!

Tat @ Mum in search said...

I want one of those boxes! I'll have to keep my eyes open for one of them.

JKMommy said...

LOVE the new pjs - doesn't it seem to you that kids outgrow PJS "all at once" unlike regular clothes that seem to slowly phase out? I wonder why!
The cardboard box toy was a great find!!! I would also be like you and wait to color it until they had a good idea for the design! :) It's too cute to just scribble on! :)