T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December Activities - Part IIi - Frosty Surprises...

 For the past several years, actually since our son was just a little guy barely able to speak, he has asked for a giant blow up snowman for the yard. Then Sister came along and she joined the bandwagon of wanting a blow up something for the yard. They will insist every Halloween and Christmas we go by a certain house in the city (well out of our way) so we can see all the blow up things.

This year we are revamping all our lights and decor for the holidays. Most of our lights are old and dimming. We opted to upgrade. I hit the Wal-Mart clearance sale and got everything 30% off. Of course, I did have to stand in line for 2 hours and my groceries had to be re-rung after the initial bill was $950. Yes, I was pretty certain I had not spent that much and the only way to get it correct was to re-ring everything. It was about $800 less after all that - groceries and lights (more my budget). I must say, though, the lady at Wal-Mart was wonderful. I am used to suboptimal help there and she went above and beyond to help and was very patient and calm amidst all the holiday shopping craziness. So, Frosty nearly cost us $950 but it all worked out.

We arranged the surprise for the kids. While they and I were at birthday party, their dad stayed home and put up Frosty as well as some lights along the back fence. Our yard is on a rim so the folks in the valley can see our lights which is why we focus more on the back instead of the front. Oh, and we did not actually get our lights up until about a 5 days before Christmas, but we enjoyed them oh so much this year, especially the giant blow up snowman. (Have I mentioned how tough three kids is?)

So, after the birthday party, a quick trip to Chic-fil-a, and an outing to the Winter Garden-A-Glow (more on that later, too) we arrived home. Actually, the kids fell asleep on the long drive home. It had just freshly snowed so the roads were slick. It was one of the main reasons we wanted to go to the winter garden - so beautiful after a fresh snow. It's just dealing with the roads. Our van with its all wheel drive handled well, though. 

I stopped on the way home and woke the kids so they could see the surprise when we arrived home. As we pulled around the corner onto our street, the kids immediately spotted the 12 foot tall snowman. Then their dad jumped out from behind it and waved at them. The kids were elated and both had huge grins on their face. T just whispered to himself, "Thanks, Dad". Sister repeatedly exclaimed, "Oh, my goodness". It was a wonderful moment. If the roads were not so bad and I was not driving I would have tried to take a video. It was a great surprise and one I think they will remember always.

I must say, too, I've very much enjoyed the giant blow up snowman in the front yard. I cannot help but smile when I see him standing or should I say towering over the front yard.

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Julie Kieras said...

Your children are precious in their reactions to the snowman. I secretly would love Christmas lights on our house but... hubby doesn't want to go for it! :)