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T Rex Family

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December Activities - Part IV - Christmas...

We had a lot to accomplish on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Eve was filled with visiting family - first my family in the morning (remember the gingerbread house decorating?) followed by Hubby's family. Now, Hubby just started a new job in October so he has no vacation time yet so he took a long lunch to stop by his parents and celebrate with the rest of us. The visits were nice.

We made it home in time to eat dinner and make gingerbread cookies. I tried to take a short cut and use candy molds instead of cutting out the people. It did not go so good - I made them too thick. The ones I shaped and dropped onto the sheet worked out. The kids insisted on making "Captain Cookie" and the other gingerbread pirates. It's from a book we have - in case you are wondering about the reference. Of course, we watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" while the cookies cooled and before we decorated them. Alas, Hubby was on call and ended up having to go into work for an hour. He did manage to make it home in time to tuck in the kids. They went right to sleep and were very excited for Santa's visit. Hubby and I were pretty exhausted from all the preparation not just for gifts but also for my friend's visit - she was arriving on Christmas day.

Christmas morning the stockings were full and the tree was surrounded. (Oh we did all sleep in until 8:30 - what a treat!) T received some great things from Santa including the Ninja Turtle set and turtles he asked Santa for, plus a special surprise of some minions in a game. He also received the "non-Lego" action figures he requested to go with his awesome castle. He has been having quite a lot of battles of recent, as you can imagine. A non-Santa gift and a most favorite toy was the Yoda pillow. He has not been able to sleep without it.

Sister was excited by all the Barbies - lots and lots of Barbie clothes and Barbies - as well as a Ken doll. Santa did good but not as good as Aunt Shelley and Uncle Rich with the Barbie RV - let's just say that thing has seen a lot of action of late, too. It's such a cool gift I keep playing with it! Some amazing clothes that Santa's elves must have worked hard on, too. My mom made an amazing cradle set for Sister - you can see from the photo she loved it. 

Even Baby Sister had a visit from Santa.

I insisted to my sister that she not get the kids toys as they already had way too much (she was a bit disappointed by this). Instead I mentioned the clothes they needed, but instead of buying one thing off the list, they bought everything on the list so the kids are well stocked in clothes - especially the baby. She has so many amazing outfits. It's been like playing dress up with her. Even T has some rockin' clothes. Sister received some charming silver sparkly boots. So cute I had to get a pair for me, too! (in black - with the gift card Hubby gave me).

Hubby gave me some amazing gifts - more on one of those in the next posting. But my favorite is my "everything gift" from 2013 - our baby daughter. I've told him when I have a baby, that year no gifts are needed. Well, he never listens so I still had some packages wrapped under the tree (including a yellow umbrella - if you watch "How I Met Your Mother" you'll understand as he calls me his yellow umbrella girl) and another that arrived on Christmas but the baby is still my favorite. She contently slept in her cradle while we unwrapped packages. Even my staff at work spoiled me with lovely things. Mostly, though, the cards and kind words they wrote were warming to my heart. It makes me excited to be back to work next week.

No photos of Hubby's stuff - lots of eclectic aviation books and a few movie items. I did get him a gift card to a local running store for new running shoes. Sister thought we were getting him a mug and pen as that's what I wrapped the card in. Funny girl. She has not figured out gift cards yet.

T has been working on his gift at school for many months. The teacher and her staff have done a great job hiding their work and we were blown away when we opened it. The photo is of the outside packaging. We cried as we opened his gift - a calendar with each month being an art project utilizing his hands. It was quite amazing and something we will cherish forever. Plus, the look of pride on his face as he gifted it to us was also amazing. 

As I said, we are overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and family members. Our dear son reminded us that the wise men brought gifts to Jesus because they loved him and wanted to honor him and that's why we give gifts on Christmas. We are touched that so many would bestow on us their gifts as a token of love and honor. Thank you all.

T's stuff...

Sister's stuff...

Baby Sister's stuff...(love that stocking Nan gave her - only year we can use it as it says "Baby's First Christmas")

My stuff...

 T's special gift wrapped up in his own packaging...

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Julie Kieras said...

You know, this is a really sweet idea to take pictures of the gifts each year - I never do and then once everything's found a home, it's easy to forget! Cute gifts!