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T Rex Family

Monday, April 28, 2014

Random Thoughts...

So, I am way behind on blogging. I put much effort into a guest blog post that I believe will be published very soon. Since then, spring hit and when you are a health care provider in an allergy and asthma office, part time becomes 3/4 time. I am still only working 2 days but this past week my extra time at the office was like a whole other day.

Plus, we had T's surgery - it went fantastic. His surgeon did a beautiful job. He marched into kindergarten when we returned to school and proudly showed off his "perfect belly button". He is not shy about sharing it. The hospital treated us beautiful and we had lots of friends who showed support and concern. He even had a couple school friends who made him books to read while he recovered. I may have written a little "Plants vs Zombies" guidebook for him as well. He took all his "plants" and the surgeon loved them so much she requested a "peashooter" for her little one.

Spring break blasted by so fast - with T's surgery I don't remember much else except a trip to the zoo with my friend who also has 3 kids. We only lost one of them twice. Pretty much controlled chaos when we have our 6 kids together. I have found that I feel more at ease around other families with at least 3 kids. There is just a level of chaos that I hesitate to cast upon others unless they are used to such chaos. My mom stayed all last week with us which is such a treat for the kids. She is doing much better but still not where she was previously. She did help me quite a lot with her calming presence. Plus, she is a world class baby whisperer. Even she was blow away by the energy level needed to take care of my pack. (Hubby and I refer to them now as a pack.) Mom had three kids but she raised them in two waves - my brother and sister were out of the house by the time I came along.

Work for both Hubby and me has been quite busy. Hubby's new job is awesome but his account is very demanding and we both work super long days last week. Last week I kept my two day schedule but I was away 12 hours both days - it was the first time I had been away from Baby for such an amount of time.

Last weekend was Easter and we had a great time attending church and also our grand nephew's first birthday party. We also did "un-Easter" baskets. We have opted out of the whole Easter bunny thing. We are fine with Santa but my parents never did the Easter bunny so it was nothing I grew up experiencing. The kids collected rocks for their baskets and on Easter morning the rocks were cast aside to view the miracle of the resurrection. Instead of a perfect body they found gifts to represent the risen Christ. The kids loved it and both said they were not the least bit sad about the Easter bunny. They enjoyed hunting eggs several times, too.

I have also crafted a few items in the past few weeks. I still have a couple of afghans that I am determined to finish. As with many of my crafted afghans, it can take me years to complete them. I have one that I've been working on for 3 years. Baby's is 95% done - just the border left and I started it about a year ago. Lil Sister requested a Wonder Woman - it is completed except for a face and hair. She already loves it so much she has been carrying it around hairless and faceless. She has already requested a set of princesses from Frozen. I did finish her Frozen dress, though.

T has two t-ball games per week, Lil Sister has ballet (recital this May), and they both have Spanish lessons, too. All these activities means we are pretty much busy most nights of the week. We still try to eat as a family but sometimes it's in a hurry. I know it will get better as t-ball winds down. Plus, school is winding down which we are all very sad about. I cannot believe my little guy will be a big first grader and oh how I will miss being in the kindergarten class. I adore T's teacher and her helpers, love his little classmates, and just love teaching art. My last big art project turned out so much better than we could have hoped. So great, the teacher hung them on her bulletin board. I'll try to put up a photo of the milk carton bird houses. 

So there is the update. I will also update the kids blogs this week, although, this week could end up crazy so it may be next week. I have a great tale about Lil Sister's best tantrum ever, lots of photos of our super smiley baby who does not sleep after 5 pm, and t-ball photos of T.

For now, just some zoo outing photos thanks to my friend KN and a few extras of Baby because she is just at that super cute stage and I cannot resist her big grin. P.S. I would truly love it if T married the little girl he is kissing in the photos. I already want to adopt her. When she comes to hang out while her mom studies she's totally my little pal. Both my grandparents had arranged marriages so I'm not necessarily opposed to it!

More to come...

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Julie Kieras said...

I am sooo sorry the guest posting has taken so long :( But... it's going up tomorrow (um, today! haha).
I totally know the feeling of feeling easier around families with more kids - I feel it even with two! :)
And... I love that you do the rock thing for Easter baskets - that's what we did too although it's our first year and A was not really that into the significance. :)