T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby Sister...

I recently published "Resemblance Revisited". In it I compare photos of the kids all wearing the same outfit.

Now for a comparison of the two girls. I think resemblance is the key word. They definitely come from different molds. Baby is about a pound heavier and a month younger in the photo compared to her older sister's photo. Plus, Baby's head is also in the 50% whereas her sister's head ran in the 10-12% so the hats are not the same either. Lil Sister is just tiny and petite whereas Baby is, at this point, not. Baby also has much fairer skin and lighter eyes - both tough to note in the photos. 

Baby is against the pink blanket background and Lil Sister is against the multicolored background. (Isn't that a lovely afghan?. I cannot believe it is the only photo I have of it since I never photographed it as a completed project before mailing it away. Sigh - that was a labor intensive project.) Speaking of afghans, I have one more completed and another two nearly done for competition - one which has been in the craft process for several years now. Photos when they are done.

Certainly the two girls also have different personalities. Lil Sister was truly the easiest baby EVER. She barely cried and was so mellow and easy going. Baby is pretty labor intensive by comparison and VERY vocal. She has quite the cry and even her screams of joy are enough to make her siblings cover their ears. Genetics is so interesting to me.

The big similarity - happy babies with faces that just melt my heart (and Dada's and Brother's, too). Love these girls. Sorry, Big Brother T - I don't have a baby sister photo to put up for comparison but if I were to post of photo of Baby in your old PJs we could pretend it is you since she looks so much like you as a baby. We've even slipped a few times and called her Baby T.

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Julie Kieras said...

They are truly look-a-like sisters right now! I love the blankets!