T Rex Family

T Rex Family

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

S's First Gymnastics Meet

Aka the Snow Flake Challenge. 

She has been taking class since she was 2 (because dance could not be started until age 3). She loves it and has been very dedicated. Plus, in all honesty, she is a high energy child and a very intense person so 5 hours of gymnastics a week is very good for her as well as her family. 

Finally, she had a chance to show off her skills. What amazing skills she has. I rarely get to stay and watch her practice so seeing her meet was such an enlightening experience. For five years old she is truly amazing.

She won 3 blue ribbons for floor, beam, and vault, and one white for bars (she over did her dismount and went out of bounds but I still think it was the best dismount of her age group). I will admit I am totally biased. See for yourself.

She had a huge cheering section of grandparents, Auntie J, Uncle S, Cousin Dede, Ms. B and her daughter, Ms. K and her daughters, and, of course, her family. Even little BB did great watching her big sister perform. Lots of smiles from all of us.

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